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Revolutionize Your Online Presence with Dork Knight Designs & Marketing!
Transforming Ideas into Web Realities.
Explore Our Web Design Expertise!

Unlock the power of captivating and functional web design with Dork Knight Designs & Marketing. Our seasoned team combines creativity with cutting-edge technology to ensure your website not only looks stunning but also performs seamlessly. From intuitive user interfaces to mobile responsiveness, we craft digital experiences that leave a lasting impression. Ready to elevate your online brand? Click below to embark on a journey of unparalleled web design excellence.

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Define Your Brand: Logos Crafted by Dork Knight Designs & Marketing!
Elevate Your Identity
Explore Our Logo Design Expertise!

Shape your brand identity with precision and style through our Logo Design services. Dork Knight Designs & Marketing is committed to creating logos that resonate with your vision, making your brand memorable and distinctive. Whether you're establishing a new brand or revitalizing an existing one, our skilled designers blend creativity and strategy to craft logos that leave a lasting impression. Ready to define your brand? Click below to explore the artistry of our Logo Designs.

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Be the Face of Your Brand: Digital Caricatures by Dork Knight Designs & Marketing!
Be Your Own Mascot!
Explore Our Digital Caricature Expertise!

Step into the spotlight and be the face of your business with our Digital Caricature services. Dork Knight Designs & Marketing specializes in crafting personalized and entertaining caricatures tailored to your unique style. Let us bring your vision to life in a fun, animated way, making you the vibrant mascot of your brand. Ready to turn your identity into a masterpiece? Click below to explore the artistry of our Digital Caricatures.

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How can Dork Knight Designs & Marketing help you?

Elevate Your Presence with Dork Knight Designs & Marketing! Discover a spectrum of services tailored for your success, including cutting-edge Website Design, distinctive Logo Design, captivating Print Design with affordable printing services, personalized digital caricatures, domain name expertise, professional email addresses, maintenance plans, and more. Your vision, our expertise – let’s shape your digital success together!

Web Presence Solutions

Crafting dynamic online experiences with our expert Website Design, Hosting, Redesign, Updates, Maintenance Plans, and SEO.

Brand Identity

Capture your essence with our Logo Design expertise, ensuring a distinctive and memorable brand identity for a lasting first impression.

Print & Promotional Services

Bring your brand to life through captivating Print Design and seamless Printing and Promotional Items Services for a professional touch.

Digital Creativity

Infuse creativity into your digital presence with personalized Digital Caricatures that stand out as your brand's original mascot.

Digital Infrastructure

Establish a robust digital foundation with our Domain Name Registration and Professional Email Address services with 24/7 tech support.

Social Media Support

Empower your social presence by tapping into our expertise in crafting engaging content and strategies for effective Social Media engagement.


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Featured Clients

Trusted by a diverse array of clients over the past two decades, our work speaks volumes. Here are just a few of the esteemed companies who have chosen Dork Knight Designs & Marketing for their creative journey.

"Anything you need to grow your business, Dork Knight Designs & Marketing can accomplish! "

Danny is a multimedia marketing genius! Anything you need to grow your business, Dork Knight Designs & Marketing can accomplish! From our business cards to our shop bags, promotional flyers, banners, digital caricatures, and more. This is marketing consulting at its finest. He has also done an amazing job creating my website into exactly what I was imagining and hoping it would be, but better! He is truly a master of his craft and able to make something beautiful out of nothing at all. He will always be my go-to for my website design and marketing needs!
Brian Fudge
Owner, Cosmic Comics

Meet Our Founder

In 2011, Daniel Ballard was a jovial, 400-pound dork, affectionately known as Fat Beard. However, the past 10+ years have transformed him—especially after a life-altering heart attack in 2016. Shaving off his beard became symbolic of a personal metamorphosis, shedding not just weight but an old identity. Today, down 200 pounds and clean-shaven, he remains true to his dorky essence. No longer Fat Beard, he’s embraced a new persona: The Dork Knight of Las Vegas. What was once Fat Beard Studios has evolved into the creative powerhouse known as Dork Knight Designs & Marketing.

Daniel "The Dork Knight" Ballard

The Artist Formerly Known As Fat Beard

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